Disfruta del turismo rural en Cantabria en la Posada rural el Remanso, cerca de Cabarceno y Santander



soplao´s Cave

 In the Sierra de Arnuero, between the towns of Valdaliga and Rionansa in Cantabria:

 soplao´s Cave

It is 50 minutes far from the Inn. Discovered at the beginning of the XX century due to the mining in Florida´s mines, its geological interest is so important as its exceptional patrimony of mining archaeology with more than 30 kilometres of galleries, sloping planes and workshops.
The abundant and complex eccentric formations that Soplao´s Cave hoards are what really make the cavity be so beautiful and spectacular.

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The visit to the cave of Soplao:

Mine is acceded on board of a mining train in which we enter approximately 400 meters by means of a tunnel.
Just after get down of the train, 60 meters of old mining galleries are crossed  to reach the cavity, the Great Gallery.
The whole tour by the cave is perfectly conditioned for all kinds of visitors.
The visit to Soplao´s Cave has not only the geological interest of the cave but also the recreation of mining archaeology.
The tour is approximately 1.500 meters long and its duration is about an hour.
The cave can be visited by school groups, with a minimum of 25 pupils. The working days available for school centres are from Tuesday until Friday during the School Year.


For the adventurous tourism is necessary to explain that for safety reasons, minors' entry of 12 years will not be admitted. The visits will have an approximate duration of 2 hours and a half.
Groups will be formed by a maximum of 20 persons who will accede to the interior with two guides.
The temperature inside the cave is between 10 º C and 11 º C. At your arrival you will be fitted with the necessary to enjoy the tour: boots, overall, hull and light, with the option of buying socks and gloves.

Schedules Information and Early Booking:

Phone 902 82 02 82.


 Monday through Friday from 8 to 22 hours

Saturdays from 10 to 22 hours
Sunday from 9 to 15 hours