Disfruta del turismo rural en Cantabria en la Posada rural el Remanso, cerca de Cabarceno y Santander



Sardinero Beach

 In Santander, between Magdalena and Mataleñas:

 First Sardinero Beach:

This beach is located in the city of Santander, and at low tide is joined to the beaches of Second Sardinero and La Concha. It is the northernmost part of this stretch of sand, between Cabo Menor and La Península de la Magdalena.

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Plaza de Italia. Access on foot via steps.

Second Sardinero Beach:

This beach is located in the city of Santander, and at low tide is joined to the beaches of First Sardinero and Concha. It is in the middle of the long stretch of sand that runs between Cabo Menor and La Península de la Magdalena. It is separated from the First Sardinero beach by the Piquío headland.

Parque de Mesones, next to Sports Fields

The dynamism and morphology of the present one Sardinero, has its culture medium in this period originating two differentiated areas throughout all the route of the beaches, on one hand this the flanked group for chalets and palacetes, of end of the century 19TH, and for the other, the most contemporary architecture and trendy that originates construction block buildings more vertical, great or second property.

A Singular building and obliged appointment of the tourism of the area is the emblematic Casino of the sardinero, that next to hotels, alamedas, house of bathroom, etc give way to this so singular frame, known as The Plaza de Italia. But the sardinero was communicated with widens the of Santander via beautiful and extensive avenues with the groundswell, as that one of Queen Victoria, Menendez Pelayo or that one of Pérez Galdos.

At the beginning of the twentieth century took place the inauguration in the coquette and singular for its beauty, peninsula of the Magdalena the palace that it takes its same name, " The Palacio de la Magdalena", of imposing bearing. The above-mentioned Palace serious residence of the King of Spain, Alfonso 12TH, in its summer visits in the city of Santander, with the generation of new services and therefore of a modernisation of the city, that tendria place within the framework of the one known as, " Belle Epoque", big spas, some with similar loans to the one of Biarritz were built in this period, asi as the abstemious one, luxurious and elegant Hotel Actual, todavia today figure between the but luxurious of the world outlook, took place also the uprising of the casino, facilities of the racecourse and the field of centre for summoning algunas.Pero is not until middle of the twentieth century when the area of the Sardinero does not suffer a significant inflection point, originating a phase of remodelling and at the same time that conserve its tourist figure, remains such as a regular residence of well-off lessons.