Disfruta del turismo rural en Cantabria en la Posada rural el Remanso, cerca de Cabarceno y Santander



La Posada

Description of the Guest House

Originally, what now is a rural inn was, in its day, a typical highland Casona of Cantabria destined to labors of tillage and housing. The name of the inn is due to an old washer of stone constructed in the zone of the village known as “Triviecu”, where every day women from the surroundings used to wash and chat.

During the rehabilitation of the Inn, it has been a matter of preserving the essence and the captivation of its highland structure, composed in its entirety by cut stone, noble wood in girders, doors, windows and stairs as much as a combination of massive rustic brick and stone combined with Italian Patinas that grant to the walls the most beautiful velvet parchment effect, decorated with pictures of the singular painter Mónica Lignelli whose aesthetics will not make the visitor indifferent.

The decoration of the Inn is one of its strong points, every stay, lounge, room has been decorated in an individual way, taking care always up to the last detail to impregnate all the corners with an unique and special captivation. The rooms have the particularity of receiving the name of different equipment of tillage used in the zone. Meaningfully, there exist details of a lifestyle in most cases already extinguished that has been preserved and spoilt.
The Inn has a zone of garden of 4000 m2, in which there is a combination of three natural spaces, one dedicated to floors, composed by trees, miserable little trees and ornamental flowers for the enjoyment and rest of the guests. Another part of the garden is thought for the smallest and there is also an exclusive private parking for our clients.
Besides, the facilities of the Inn are endowed with a covered independent porch with barbecues, warm water and microwave, perfect to have a good, spring or summer evening with the family or friends.Also next to the porch of the inn has been built and extended a porch on the basis of ashlar stone, wood stove, hardwoods and panoramic windows overlooking the garden where breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy the customers at any time of year
Therefore, the Inn, “El Remanso de Triviecu”, is a good option for those people who want to know the green Spain, choose Cantabria as tourist destination on vacation and like the practice of rural tourism in one of the most beautiful inns of Cantabria.