Disfruta del turismo rural en Cantabria en la Posada rural el Remanso, cerca de Cabarceno y Santander



Sports & Leisure

free time

Inside the facilities of the Inn, clients can practise several activities, like playing table tennis, table football, with a ball of football or entertain themselves with any of the multiple board games available, (cluedo, trivial, draughts, ludo, escenit, etc). The smallest ones have an infantile area with castle and swings 200 meters far from our Inn.

For those who are restless, they can enjoy the rural tourism choosing to go for a ride in bicycle around the village and the surroundings. There is a road which reaches to La Cavada, continues parallel to the Miera River and comes up to the historical monumental set of Lierganes. It is a very much appreciated trip among our visitors.

For those who like going for a walk, there are nice panoramic views around of the Inn reachable for anyone. We recommend the raise to the Brenas Hill to them, well known here, as it is possible to spy the Bay of Santander, and the old Glacier Valley of Lunada's Hill, a whole torrent of beauty that will not make them indifferent.
Within your stay we will inform you about possible alternatives to choose, since in the Nature reserve of the Ason River it is possible to hike along very attractive routes. There are a lot of extraordinary beautiful places, and it is also possible to give a walk astride with Felipe in the peculiar Cañedo village.

But if you are of those who like sea sports we help you contact multiple companies which include underwater fishing, paddling in kayak into the sea or, for the most adventurous people, a few good days of Surf in one of the best beaches of Cantabria for this practice. We also recommend you either a walk by ship around the Bay of Santander or to practise sailing in the sports port or to practise golf in any of the multiple fields of Cantabria, for instance, the course placed in Pedreña's locality, where, a legend of this sport, Severiano Ballesteros, also known like Seve, supports a record of successes within the reach of very few.

We do not want to forget the lovers of the tranquillity and the reading, in our Inn they will be able to enjoy a landscaped garden with banks and wooden oak tables where you get abstracted by a good book or relaxing with the sights.
The Inn is very close to many famous rivers in Cantabria for the fishing of the trout and the Salmon, Miera river and Ason river. The Miera is better known by the trout, whereas the Asón has the possibility of capturing both the trout and the Salmon. So if you are a lover of fishing do not forget to bring your apparels to enjoy a good day of fishing and, later, to have dinner in one of the barbecues in the Inn, ummmm.