Disfruta del turismo rural en Cantabria en la Posada rural el Remanso, cerca de Cabarceno y Santander



Historic Downtown of Lierganes

 In Trasmiera County, in the center of Cantabria, northern Spain:


Lierganes's village dawns every day with the recollection that has been left for centuries in its noble streets by illustrious men, artists and wayfarers who have found in this Villa, their own backwater of peace in one of the most beautiful villages in Cantabria and Spain as well. The first information on its existence goes back to the year 816, in which the monastery of San Martin in Lierganes is mentioned in a writing of Santa Maria del Puerto (Santoña) and also the villa itself, about the donation that Gundesindo count granted to Fistoles's monastery.

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A people with history:

Lierganes was configured in the book of the Merindades de Castilla (1351) as Behetría's place, according to which, the farmers who were living there used to choose their own sir or payed the taxes in species.
Wealth came to the villa by Juan Curtius's hand, the maker of the foundry, who in 1617 was leading his factory of cannons.
In 1600 Francisco de la Vega Casar was born, The Fish Man, who disappeared in the Cantabrian sea and was located some years later, lost the reason and the speech, in the bay of Cadiz.

In a more recent epoch reputation was reaching his resort established on the sulphurous waters of the Fuente Santa.
As soon as the walk of The Fish Man has been left behind, the visitor submerges in an atmosphere of silence, peace and quiet which captivates anyone who has come into this village for the first time, and creates a certain temptation of returning, does not import the reason.


touring the Old Lierganes:

Beautiful streets those ending at the square of the Marquess of Valdecilla, houses, which fronts, all of stone, are marking the path to the wayfarer. So is Lierganes, a simple and natural tourism, full of captivations that little by little are discovered in the slow walk.
Among Lierganes's most emblematic buildings, the most outstanding ones are the House of Setién family, dated in the XVI century; Puente Mayor (Major Bridge), in the same epoch; "Casa de los Cañones" (House of the Cannons); the palace of “Los Cuesta Mercadillo”, constructed by the Mexico´s governor, Juan de la Cuesta; San Pedro's parochial church; chapel of the Carmen; church of San Sebastian, placed on a hill.
They are vestiges of a past that has left an indelible fingerprint in each step, in every instant of history, in the most recondite places of a village that day after day lives under the protection of its history that was written to wrought iron and wisdom of its teachers.