Disfruta del turismo rural en Cantabria en la Posada rural el Remanso, cerca de Cabarceno y Santander



Main attractions

Natural park of the Hills of the Ason

In the district of Soba, Cantabria, northern Spain:


The source of the river Ason is an area of great beauty in the Valley of Soba. Its nature and strikingly rural customs have remained untouched. The landscape is also very varied with rivers winding through oak, beech and holm oak forests until flowing into the estuaries and marshes. The river Ason and its tributary,the Gandara,flow through the steep mountains of the Valley of Soba. The source of the Ason is from a surgence of karstic origin Which cascades a spectacular waterfall of more than 50 metres where the crashing water and the marvellous landscape at the head of the valley fill the senses.

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Rural tourism, sports, hiking and nature:

The Natural park of the Hills of the Ason guarantees the conservation of such stunning landscapes. The massifs in the alto Ason exceed 1,600 metres in height in spectacular lime formations. The are patures where goats, sheep and cows graze and forests of oak, beech and holm aok arise between the vertical cuts in the rock. Water is omnipresent in the shape of streams and torrents which make life rich and abundant species as well as vultures and a large variety of birds of prey.



Natural Park of Cabarceno

 In the Valley Pisueña in the region of Pas-Miera, central Cantabria:

 Near our Inn, you can find one of the principal tourist attractions with most beauty of Cantabria.

This is a spectacular wildlife park located in one of the most remarkable areas in Cantabria. The unique and fascinating karst landscape was exposed by the digging of an ancient iron mine that dates back to the Roman era. Located in the western sector of the Peña Cabarga Natural Park, the Cabarceno natural Park is home to a wide variety of fauna, both Iberian species native to Cantabria (bears, wolves, deer, ibex etc.) and a great many other species from Africa and Asia (there are too many to list all of them, but some examples are: lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras, elephants, hippos, ostriches, hyenas and monkeys).

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Unlike other zoos, it has wide-open spaces for the animals to live in. There is a reptile house, where you can see a wide variety of snakes, and a pretty lake (Pozo del Acebo - Holly Tree Pool) where you can fish. Less than 20 kilometres from Santander, and with good communication links, the Cabarceno Natural Park has become over the last few years one of the main tourist attractions in Cantabria and is a trip that is simply not to be missed. You can explore the park on foot, by car or bus, on the extensive road network that allows you to discover all the corners of this incomparable place



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